Terms of Service

Use of P-A Countdown (“Countdown”) is governed by the following Terms of Service (“Terms”). You must read and accept the Terms before signing in, viewing a list of available games, or turning one of your own Problem-Attic documents into a game.

Connection to Problem-Attic

Countdown and Problem-Attic are made by the same company, EducAide Software. But they are not the same web application. They run on different servers and their only communication with each other is through a web API. For that reason, Countdown’s Terms do not alter or supercede any of the rules governing use of Problem-Attic.

Countdown provides an alternative method for accessing and formatting questions which are in Problem-Attic. Those questions are copyrighted individually or as a collection of data. When turned into a game by Countdown, they are subject to the same restrictions on use as if they were accessed directly in Problem-Attic.

Signing in and Creating Games

To create a Countdown game, you must first sign in as a demo user, registered user, or developer. How you sign in determines which questions in Problem-Attic are available to you, or which documents you can turn into a game. The following rules apply:

Regardless of how you sign in to Countdown (or whether you sign in at all), you are not allowed to create or play its games through any automated system, interfere with the operation of the website, or attempt to access Problem-Attic documents or questions through any means which are not specifically authorized by EducAide Software.

If EducAide Software determines that you are violation of these Terms, it may, at any time, suspend your account or take other measures to prevent you from signing in to Countdown or creating or playing games.

If you have questions about these Terms, please write to info@educaide.com.