Privacy Policy

EducAide Software, the maker of P-A Countdown, respects your privacy. It collects the least amount of information that is necessary for you to create games, and it collects no personally identifiable information at all from students (game players).

The information that P-A Countdown does collect is based on how you sign in.

If you sign in as a demo user:

P-A Countdown does not collect or seek any information which identifies you personally. It is aware only of your IP address, which gets stored in a secure database and used only for the purpose of maintaining the website.

If you sign in as a registered user:

P-A Countdown will know your Problem-Attic user ID (email address). You provide this information when you register for P-A Countdown and give it permission to access your documents. EducAide keeps the information secure and never shares it with any third party.

Tracking and Cookies

P-A Countdown does not make use of Google Analytics or any other software which tries to identify who you are or which tracks your behavior before or after you visit the website.

P-A Countdown does not make use of cookies—no cookies at all, not even for program settings.

Student Privacy

P-A Countdown does not collect any personally identifiable information from students (game players). When students sign in, they can use their first name or ID, or they can sign in with an alias and play a game completely anonymously.

P-A Countdown does not try to identify students and does not store any information about them at the conclusion of a game. When the person who created the game logs out or starts another game, P-A deletes all player names and scores.

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please write to